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we are 1 year tobacco free

Feels good man. Neither one of us has cheated once.

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I have not done many vape posts recently, but am so happy to announce that Theresa’s brother is over two weeks tobacco free, her mom is over a week tobacco free, and that is just fricking awesome as hell. Sure we are both pert near a year tobacco free, but that is not what fills […]

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vape pics

I am loving the Kanger AeroTank for my usual now. Here I have two Nemisis clones with Kanger AeroTanks on them. DBliquids e-liquid on the left with a standard 2.0 ohm dual coil. And my own ECTO on a 2 ohm cotton wick 2 ohm coil wrapped by my neighbor on the right with the […]

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as usual, I go deeper into a hobby

So it comes to this Bulk buying DIY vape juice components I have been playing with my own mixes for a couple weeks now. I have so many standards down. A Swedish fish A juicy Peach And a recreation of my absolute favorite Ecto from a very well known brand. Nailed the recreation to the […]

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finally went to a Kayfun and holy hell gameover Thanks Rob for the assist and once again leading the way can do 18350 and 18650 on the nemesis clone with ease 1.5 ohm 8 wrap 28ga kanthal with cotton wick and 3mg seduce juice snake oil looks and preforms amazing. I am sort of dumbfounded. […]

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as of today we are 6 months tobacco free

Previous vape posts June 20th, 2013 was the day we both quit using tobacco products. After seeing friends have success using personal vaporizers / e-cigs I figured I would give it a shot to quit chewing tobacco. After a couple weeks I was chewing less and less and Theresa picked up some juice. She ditched […]

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I am sure many of you have seen a lot of info on e-cigs / personal vaporizers and the like. If Reason TV is behind it you might want to listen. Theresa and I are over a quarter of a year tobacco free. It is a huge achievement for us and we both love vaping […]

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