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finally went with a Kayfun and could not be happier


finally went to a Kayfun and holy hell gameover
Thanks Rob for the assist and once again leading the way
can do 18350 and 18650 on the nemesis clone with ease
1.5 ohm 8 wrap 28ga kanthal with cotton wick and 3mg seduce juice snake oil
looks and preforms amazing. I am sort of dumbfounded. I have been carto tank for 4 or so months now. The flavor and performance of this is just amazing.

So we are both 8 months tobacco free. With E-cigs you have to mess with the equipment. For months we have just resorted to carto tanks and evod heads. Both work great, but they are pretty much consumer grade quality. They vape nice, but you sacrafice some flavor and vapor production for ease of use.

The Kayfun is a big step up. I am building my own kanthal coils and making my own wicks with organic cotton. It is quite a hobby that takes time to do. But the results are just insane. I am simply floored at the quality of the vape from this complex vaping device. I think I hit it great on my first try, but I will enjoy working with it.

There are great benefits from going with a device that needs to be rebuilt. You have complete control over your coil builds. You can make them to the ohm setting you want. You can also control the coil size, which will control how much juice can be vaped at once. You will also get the most flavor out or your juices if you build it in a way to maximize flavor. Also you can choose how much vapor will be produced.

With a 1.5 ohm coil it is killing at 13 watts on the ZMAX. So quiet and just makes clouds. Wowza


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