crazy blue protesting lady and words on sounds


My bud Scott has a couple unique sites up which I have added to the links on the right.

Crazy blue protesting lady

Mysterious numbered flyers handed out on college campuses and taped to various objects along the streets of Lincoln, NE. Their author, or at least their representative, is known as the “Crazy Blue Protesting Lady” by UNL students, or as the “Chrisma Woman” by some of the post-college crowd.

Words on sounds

Here you’ll find thoughtful music reviews, book reviews, essays about music and culture, and (eventually) links to recordings of my own. My focus is on fringe/”creative” music, avant-rock, “new music” from the classical tradition, weirdo jazz, etc.

The blue lady one is going to be good. he spent a lot of time collecting all the rants and will be posting them.

Made a new site for the BorKade


The BorKade

So I decided to start another blog focusing on my arcade and pinball hobby. Unlike my food blog, I will not be posting every thing on this blog Beerorkid. Of course the good stuff will make it on BorK, but some that might not be as interesting to most folks will be here. There is a link on the top of BorK to there though. My plan is to put up all sorts of things I find interesting about pinball and arcades, and document all the work I am doing to my own machines.

I need to work on Me make food to get it to the same theme and then all will seem integrated well.