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CAT | Lincoln bacon quest

Went back and looked through my Lincoln bacon posts and well it was kinda lame, not much to pick from really. Many of the brands I tried were your normal mass produced water brined bacon (vid of what that is here). Only a few easy for anyone to get bacons were checked out. 1st place […]

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So Hollenbeck farms sent out an email about how theiy were going to sell decent pork products besides just uber beef. I inquired about bacon of course and they let me know bacon was one of the pork products they would be selling. So I got two pounds worth. I cooked up 3 pieces for […]

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Link to the interactive pic Hollenbeck Farms swung into Lincoln sat night and braved the cold to sling some amazing beef and now pork. I got a bunch of stuff. 4 tenderloins, a roast, some pork chops, bacon, soup bones for stock (gonna do a post on that), and some killer beef jerky. They were […]

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Water cured and fake smoked bacon is a shame. This video is disgusting and turns my stomach. I call this crap facon, which is commonly used for vegitarian bacon, but dammit it still fits. Real bacon is cured without injection of a brine and properly smoked. I am pert near declaring the winner of the […]

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I have purchased this bacon at the Haymarket farmers market. I saw it at Ideal and had to pick some up. They make pretty decent bacon. It seems the cuts vary often, which I cannot blame them too much for. They smoke it pretty well as you can see in the dark outer edge in […]

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Ideal calls it apple wood smoked bacon. I have no idea of the brand but it is really smoky and good quality. Just the smell when I opened up the wax paper it came in from the meat counter made me smile. It looked awesome and was thick. Once it hit the pan I knew […]

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dos baconos reviewos

Been practicing my Spanish. I will fit right in. So helped a friend set up a wireless router and a home network. She gave me some garden maters and it worked out perfectly cuz we planned on having BLT’s for din din. Swung by Hy Vee to pick up some bacon. I saw many kinds […]

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So we both got paid on the same day and needed to get some supplies. Figured it would be cool to go to the new super uper duper Target. The place is massive, ginormous, and kinda sickening. We got a really good parking spot and I noticed that our pretty decent 95 Honda was the […]

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