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the pastrami harvest was good this year

Super Saver had corned beef on sale for $2 a pound. Ended up with 9 pounds sliced

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mmmmmmmm pastrami

delicious sammich makings 2 day soak to remove salt from the corned beef

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Ren and Rita That is the biggest stainless bowl. Lunch is going to rule for quite a while. I gorged on pickings at about midnight. I am about 33% pork right now. Got it to 165 after hours in the plateau and then foil wrapped and finished them in the oven with a 2 hour […]

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This is my first pork Boston Butt (pork shoulder) that I have smoked. When it comes to a big sloppy pulled pork sammich I cannot refuse. I wanted some for lunch so bad that I got a tub of insanely over sauced that it was just gross. I knew I would be around all day […]

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That took a full day of smoking, but it tastes so good. UPDATE: In August of 08 I bought a smoker from a neighborhood guy who builds them. That first year I smoked a lot of stuff and on a meat smoking forum I saw someone mention pastrami. I had no clue is was just […]

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weekend adventure

Saw Heathers’s art show Friday night. I picked this one up. They are still hanging down at Jakes till the end of the month. Smoked some spare ribs. $1.66 a pound at super saver right now. I made sure I got these all the way done and they turned out amazing. More edging completed. 3/5 […]

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meaty weekend

A good weekend for messing with a lot of meat. Hit up Sams club and got 3 racks of babyback ribs, and a PSMO beef tenderloin. I am pretty quick with breaking down a tenderloin primal and got 11 cuts out of it. We have started splitting 6-8 ounce filets and focusing more on the […]

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bacon update

My box of smoked awesome showed up from Scott Hams today. They have the best bacon I have ever had. It is amazing. I got peppered bacon, reg bacon, jowel bacon, apple butter, summer sausage, and some snack sticks. I had to replace their bacon I cracked into for the upcoming bacon party. This is […]

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