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I gots an Imgur trophy

It is from my post on Imgur about the honeycomb candy

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the cord has been cut

Cut the cable cord and upped the internets today. We could of cut the cord over a year ago, but wanted to make sure we had all our bases covered for the stuff we watch…. yadda. Netflix, HULU, Leaf antenna, and a PLEX server with the future addition of a HomeRun box to DVR over […]

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so I says to the cable guy…

I have been urging Theresa to cut the cord on cable TV for a while. Cable TV scares me because there is always a chance I will see Ray Romono. Also we are watching less and less cable and rely on Netflix and our Plex server for most content. Looks like we will now be […]

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That is just awesome. This is my 2nd year doing the reddit secret santa. Last year 17,000 people from 90 countries participated. They hope to break the world record this year. A news clip about it: The official coat of arms of reddit was designed by Licenseplate and looks like this: Jadehorse got me in […]

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So google sends me these $100 cards in the mail that I can spend on google ads. I rushed to the computer after the 5th one I got just to see what it was like. My first ad did not generate any clicks. Had something to do with useless junk (because you cannot use the […]

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A week of using the CR-48 google laptop has been enjoyable. I have used the heck out of this thing at home, but more out of necessity. With the time crunch on our loan refinance I have been without my desktop computer for the whole time. My only connection to the internets has been this […]

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business cat

There are a ton of these memes, but business cat is my fave.

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Yup, dudes with beards eating cupcakes. My tumbler is going pretty good now. (also a link up in my top bar) Thanks Wilters

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