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Amazon FireTV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is just a more portable brother to the Amazon Fire TV. It is not as powerful hardware wise, but still rocks. We picked it up for vacation and it will reside in the Borkade after. Only one gig of memory for the system to use, but the same storage. No ethernet […]

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We are really enjoying the Amazon Fire TV. I assume you know it is basically a very decent android tablet you plug into your TV. Just thought I would share pros and cons. Pros: * The thing is powerful. Quad core processor, 2GB RAM, and dedicated GPU. It was a big step up from our […]

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Theresa rules

Early birthday present. It was just announced yesterday and I was excited for it. I knew she would be a bit annoyed while I bugged her over and over about getting one and then saying stuff like “I should wait for reviews, and no reason to dive in”. She seemed to be researching it as […]

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