WWASH = While We’re All Still Here Dec 21st


WWASH = While We’re All Still Here

Eat, drink, and let your friends know that they are indeed your friends.

Get-together #5 is, once again, at Yia Yia’s — 1423 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska — on Tuesday, December 21 (the winter solstice) 7pm.

Invite yourself and anyone else you’d like to be there.
Come by for five minutes or five hours and let some of your friends see, hear, smell, touch, and/or taste that you appreciate that they’re around.

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RIP EP bridge :(


Breaking news said a bridge in wilderness park and I kept refreshing for an update. It was one of the big bridges known as the EP because Eric of monkey wrench helped build it. The big one on the south and basically the end of the mixed trail on the west side of 14th street. Sucks it was that one, but that was pretty much the end and turn around spot. I maybe crossed it 4 times. Sucks for people who start their ride from that south parking lot though.

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Sunday was fun


I should of been doing what Zobert there is doing, but instead I got up at 6AM and rode the 50 mile trail trek course. That is us 1/2 way done in Cortland below. Kit got in the zone big time back from Cortland and I did my best to draft him blocking the headwind. 20 miles of just hauling back to town. None of us won a bike, but we ate fruit, granola, BBQ sammiches, and all sorts of stuff they provided along the way. Pretty sure i will do it again next year.