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^about 10 days ago all was working ^ I had to put Funhouse aside while getting ready for our 2nd appraisal. I would go down and try to fix the lower general illumination issue many times over those 3 weeks, and then just play a game with the borkade light on. Without the bottom illumination, […]

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We chose a lousy time to refinance our mortgage. The bank and appraisor knew we were in the middle of remodeling, but have dropped the hammer. We have 3 weeks and a crap ton of work to do. We have to have walls up by the 25th, and get the appraiser out to take a […]

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Theresa is going to assist me with it tomorrow morning. “you know I cannot do a straight line, right?” I will take my chances. BTW, bleache-white is way too strong for a playfield cleaner. I mentioned I was going to use it in the previous vid.

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Funhouse repair 01

^ snapped by Geekablous ^ I am working on this Funhouse. After doing some work on a very nice Addams Family pin at Nebraska Global for a private owner, I been able to get this one at home so I can work on it during off hours. The machine is mechanically functioning after some repairs, […]

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new toy is fun

Picked up a Nintendo VS Super Mario Brothers machine over the weekend. It is a bunch of fun. It is not the same version that you got with the NES. This one is much harder and has the “lost levels” mixed in. Still have not beaten it yet.

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swing on by sat

You could be this happy

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whatcha doing Sat?

Forgot I had it on time lapse 🙁 info on Borkade

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party time

More info on BorKade

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