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I could make jokes here, but it was darn good.

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Martian Soda

Rocket Fizz now produces their own sodas, even a Snooki one. Theresa grabbed me some Martian Soda that has quinine in it so it glows under black light. The flavors were a little strange, but good for them.

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Having Rocket Fizz in town has been great and we visit regularly. Theresa was on a quest to find her favorite strawberry or grape and AJ Stephans strawberry is awesome. Problem was that a few weeks after she found the one, a distributor for Rocket Fizz had some issues and they could no longer get […]

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kitty piddle is sodasgusting

The gross sodas from Avery are so good. We have been hitting Rocket Fizz a bunch recently and these are some of my faves. Kitty Piddle Soda – Oops, kitty had an accident. But the Taste of this pale yellow, Orange/Pineapple mix is no accident. Bad Kitty. Good soda!

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Picked up this Avery’s soda from Rocket Fizz. Damien said it was really good, and he was right. Dog Drool Soda – Pinkish white with lots of character, it looks like Rover’s saliva glands are working overtime. This orange-lemon soda will have you drooling too! It is like a squirt with more pronounced fruit flavors. […]

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Simpson Spring lemon & lime soda

Picked this Simpson Springs lemon lime soda up from Rocket Fizz and it was spectacular. It is not clear, it is sorta cloudy. The flavor is so strong. I kept smirking while enjoying it thinking about 7up and sprite being lemon lime. This tastes like a super flavored popsicle. It seems it is hard to […]

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LJS article Barton opened Rocket Fizz, a shop that sells quirky soda pop and candy, last August at 14th and Pine Lake Road. The store has been so successful that he’s planning a second location in the Clocktower shopping center at 70th and A streets that will open April 1. “I have been doing far […]

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Drizzle Kola champagne

Picked this up from Rocket Fizz and tried it last night. Wow that is awesome. Drizzle is made by the Moxie folks and seems pretty close to Inca Kola, but I like this one more. I could not describe the flavor and had Theresa try it. We decided that it is not about the flavor, […]

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