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BorK ate it: biscuits and gravy pizza

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BorK ate it: KFC double down

The part where you hear me struggling to breathe and fighting that bite down is my fave. Going to try to put this as nicely as possible, the bit I ate only lasted 5.5 hours in my body. I did not even make it through 1/2 of it and about 20 minutes later while I […]

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This is my first kinda gross one Bork ate it 4: octopus in a seasoned red sauce from beerorkid on Vimeo. Youtube link

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bork ate it 3: steakums

Yup another lame one. Bork ate it: steakums from beerorkid on Vimeo. youtube link

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Yeah not too scary yet.

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BorK ate it 1: Beef jerky?

So I am a Steve, but Steve don’t eat it is my insp. Expect more of these to come. I started out with an easy one.

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