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The new limited-edition holiday flavor combines the brand’s original green Mountain Dew with Mountain Dew Code Red, for a bold taste of holiday spirit. pretty lame

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thinking it will be really light this year we went with just the 30 pack of big bars 6:15 neighbor girls super polite and hit us before heading off to greater neighborhoods. 6:30 posting to CL about full size barz in the neighborhood 6:40 disco lights have yet to start dance party 7:00 Skeletons are […]

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First chip is OK, by the 3rd you will be snarling at anyone who tries to grab them.

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refreshed my cast iron

Put in the oven during a clean cycle and scrubbed / oiled X 2 season. The one on the left was fine 10 minutes later. The extreme heat an oxygen made it rust after burning off all the crap seasoning. Scrub, oil, bake= awesome I read up and putting them in the oven clean cycle […]

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Sugar Kiss melons are out

The company goes by Sandstone / Savor Fresh They are simply amazing. It is like candy. Russeses have them and maybe Super Saver. They are now being sold in a netting. DO not miss out on them.

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Just over 2 years ago we drove 172 miles to buy some JC’s PIE POPS (and attend a wedding). It was worth the drive. Now we just need to go to our local Hy-Vee to get them. $5.29 for 3 pops. TL;DR These rule and the team at JC’s super impressed us with their over […]

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I paid more for less, but they are pretty good. This one did not seem as filled with the good stuff as I had hoped though.

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Dik was blocking our recipe trapper keeper, but we still got shepherds pie done

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