refreshed my cast iron


Put in the oven during a clean cycle and scrubbed / oiled X 2 season.
The one on the left was fine 10 minutes later.

The extreme heat an oxygen made it rust after burning off all the crap seasoning. Scrub, oil, bake= awesome


I read up and putting them in the oven clean cycle can harm them by creating pits and damage, but it was way easier than scrubbing with steel wool for an hour

half pops / partially popped corn is awesome


I believe these are both the same product. I got the half pops from Hy-Vee and it is like a cornut, but so good. Been noshing on these for months. Salty, buttery, crunchy, and just so good. Give them a try.

Hello,Doug Foreman inventor of Popnots here.We make Popnots by drying the popcorn.Less moisture in the kernel keeps the pop from popping so much.It is totally natural.It is not genetically modified or anything else.These are not the ones people throw out or the ones Orville doesnt use.We do it on purpose because it is the best part of the popcorn!Thanks!Doug Foreman