rocket cycles

Rocket cycle article
Past, present, and future

From crazy Germans of the 1930’s to record-breaking speed-demons of today, motorcyclists have always had a fascination with rocket-powering their engines.

And who can blame them? Feeling the rush of the extreme acceleration while seeing the smoke and flames burst from the tailpipe is a high that few of us have experienced, yet all of us have imagined.

Here we provide the first comprehensive guide to rocket cycles past, present and future. See thrill-seeking Germans as they kick-start the sport, champion daredevil Evel Knievel point his rocket cycle skyward, and Hollywood visionaries dream of a somewhat-goofy rocket-powered future.

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Two cool food blogs recently stumbled upon

Omnomicon is a really cool site. Filled with pics and delicious looking food that covers a broad range of stuff.

No Recipes is pretty cool as well.

So on the food front at home. We ate at Vincenzo’s a few weeks back and she got an asiago chicken pasta dish and asked why ours never tastes as good. Well when I make white sauces at home I do not use heavy cream, I use milk, and I try to cut down on butter and other things to make it at least a bit more healthy. But I am going to try and make one of those killer sauces here soon. There is one condition though. We must have salads for dinner the night before and after. That is fair I think.



Woosk is a site with daily posts I check regularly. Full of silly stuff from the internets like around these parts. He asked for some feedback on posting images, sent some suggestion, and he asked if we could exchange links. Pretty cool.

the Latest DISH

One of his crazy creations.
I know you like food, Beerorkid. I do as well, and I know lots of the regulars here do as well. If you haven’t seen this blog, it is pretty cool, with lots of good sounding stuff. I actually sort of know the dude who does it, but didn’t know it was him until just now. Anyways. It might be worth checking.