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Lisa / Oobles rules

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Lots of folk do and it is such a mix of awesomeness from local and all around folk. It is a good problem to have. I post on Thursdays weekly at Good Problem, but I recommend visiting daily 😉

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Pawl is making toons too

Burnt cookie comics Dude can draw.

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Fizz and Fizzle

Amazing local artist Pawl Tisdale, wrote a children s book.

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My camera was set to 1600 ISO so most pics came out horrible. And I only took a few. But Matt looked awesome in his garb and Mel looked beautiful dressed up as a Gypsy. more than 1/2 of the 100 + folk at least did something to pirate themselves up and it made for […]

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Sarah lost her battle with leukemia Sunday. She will be missed. via Swoof EDIT: LJS has a nice Obit up EDIT II: A team for light the night walk has been set up Smells Like Skean Spirit Team Page

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About BorK

My pledge: a pic in every post, at least 5 posts a day (cept weekends), and free tiny american flags ($39.95 S&H). Seriously yall, register up and add some stupid / cool stuff here. This is a community, join into it, comment a few times and I will make you an author.

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