United Breaks Guitars

I love the power of the internet. United Airlines broke this guy’s $3,500.00 guitar (while he was on a flight to Nebraska) and refused to compensate him. He promised to write three songs about it, make videos for each, and release them on the internet. Here’s the first. Apparently United is in talks with him (after 150,000 views and a story on CNN) about a settlement. Dumbasses.

This is a funny response – kinda NSFW

Hey Schteeve

Today’s Diesel Sweeties is pertinent to you:

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And everybody read more Diesel Sweeties. It’s got robots, so you know it’s good.

Screw BorK and Jake

I have the best culinary ideas of them all:


This one is almost as good as my idea for the cowpiggen: It’s like a traditional holidays turducken, but it’s a chicken inside a pig inside a cow. Or my ever popular Space McDonalds idea. You guys ain’t got nothin’ on me.