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I pre ordered it on May 10th. It has been an agonizing wait. I look forward to reading it on the toilet. Order from his site Good Ideas and Amazing Stories on Amazon A bear flies through space. A hamster suffers a breakdown. Elsewhere, a garden snake is arrested by animal control and jailed for […]

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shark week by bpgonzo


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long comics are long

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Cyanide & Happiness book a fun quick read

Cyanide and Happiness is one of my fave web cartoons and I picked up their book. It has some good ones in there and 30 new ones. Worth $10 if you are a fan. Amazon link

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Futurama movie comes out today

We might put the wii down for a few minutes to watch this. And this is pretty good: Futurama and the Gadgets of Tomorrow We Love and Fear

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SCS member getting his letter published dealing with the censorship. Is it because all golfers are gay?

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