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I was given the opportunity to review Lovely Beards BEst Balms Black Pepper. I gladly accepted. First up is their Black Pepper Balm. I love black pepper, I put it on everything, frozen pizzas, all the food I make, and when it comes to steaks I put a layer of black pepper that would scare […]

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We really do not go to movies all that often anymore, but figured Extract would be pretty cool since Mike Judge has made some good ones in the past and the cast looked great. Rotten tomatoes had it hovering around 50%, but we went anyway. Meh….. Nothing about the movie makes me want to tell […]

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the impulsive buy guy vloggin now

I love this site. Dude cracks me up. Before he would never let you see him on vids, but now he showing his face and doing a darn good job. The impulsive buy

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We use our toaster oven pert near 90% over the regular oven. It is so convenient, fast, and keeps the whole house from heating up. Our old one was a cheap toastmaster with the dumbest controls I have ever seen on an appliance, but it worked good. The convection fan gave out a month or […]

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After a full day of cooking and eating well T wanted to take me to a movie. Her parents saw Stardust and said it was awesome. “if you liked the princess bride, you will enjoy it” Her dad said. I gotta say the previews and lack of hype made me go in not expecting much. […]

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I can be real yo, I am not ashamed, I just find stuff on bunches of different websites and post it here. Not that I steal content, just share stuff I find. Well over at the impulse buy you can read some very awesome reviews of products. It is all in the witty way the […]

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huge ass mousepad

bigger pic The black one is my new one, the blue the old. The ripper xl from xtrac is a cloth topped pad like most normal foam/cloth mousepads, but fricking huge. 1 foot x 1.5 foot (14×18 inches) The blue one is really thin and covered with bumpy plastic. I used the heck out of […]

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Yeah you have hot chicks dancing in short clothing, and it is prob a good drink, but bartenders around the world hate you now. I think I will join the club. Let me splain the evils of bar fruit. First as a consumer you are literally taking your lives into your own hands. Bar fruit […]

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