We really do not go to movies all that often anymore, but figured Extract would be pretty cool since Mike Judge has made some good ones in the past and the cast looked great. Rotten tomatoes had it hovering around 50%, but we went anyway.


Nothing about the movie makes me want to tell anyone to go see it or say that one scene was cool. It was slow and the story was weak. I guess I will see it again in 3 years on comedy central once a month, but not even going on the netflix.

the cuisinart TOB-195 is an uber toaster oven


We use our toaster oven pert near 90% over the regular oven. It is so convenient, fast, and keeps the whole house from heating up. Our old one was a cheap toastmaster with the dumbest controls I have ever seen on an appliance, but it worked good. The convection fan gave out a month or so ago and then the bottom heaty thingers stoped working and it was done. Soggy totinos pizza is not very good.

We decided to not mess around when finding a replacement. First stop was target and BB&B websites. Found a few that could of worked, but after reading reviews we kept looking. Theresa headed to BB&B for some stuff and took pics of each toaster oven and their info cards. I started doing more research online of the ones she found. We had 3 things that were absolutely necessary.

1. broil function. To make the best garlic bread I find this necessary. I have a system and it works well. Also often you just want to get a bit of extra browing on something and broil is where it is at.
2. convection / fan bake. It really makes a difference and we loved that feature on the dead one.
3. good reviews. Yeah I know it is not actually a feature, but I want to hear normal folk lay it out there.

The cuisinart TOB-195 is a higher range toaster oven with some nice functionality and stellar reviews online. The amazon reviews rated it as being uber awesome. The only negative reviews were because it gets hot on the outside and because some of the outsidey parts are not actually stainless steel.

I did some extensive testing using probe thermometers and found it to have a really good accuracy. It fluctuates by 25 degrees, which is noted in the manual, but stayed close to the set temp most of the time. There is a probe built into the inside top wall that monitors the temp. This has actually thrown off my usual methods because it does not fluctuate wildly like the old one. I burned a pizza and have had to learn how to do my garlic bread all over again. The peppercorn steaks took much longer because the oven was actually at 250 and not something higher. We never really toasted bread in the old one because it would take too long. This thing heats up so fast and makes toast in 2.5 minutes and it comes out perfect.

It is quite a well built little thing. It is light and does feel a little flimsy on the sides and back because of the metal and plastic. the crumb tray is pretty lame which was a bummer. It slides out the back and is pretty thin metal. The broiling pan and its bottom are made of very rigid metal. It is very well made. it does heat up on the outsides quite a bit, but nothing to worry about. The touch pad is easily to use and wipe down.

We very much likey and think the price is fair for such a quality piece of kitchen equip that we will use the heck out of.

Haver’s = EP + Omaha

Haver's Service Center

Just thought I would post this helpful car maintenance tip for the Omaha BorK readers that missed the comments from the EP post a while back (hat tip and special thanks to Ray).

Guy at the tire place: We fixed your flat, and you need $250 to fix a leaky valve in your engine.
Me: I don’t trust the engine work prices at tire places, but thanks anyway.

*Later that month at Haver’s service center*

Me: Something is leaking in there!!1!!1
Rick at Haver’s: Not to the extent that you would sink money into your car with over 140K on it.


The Peacock is open

Ate lunch today at The Peacock, a new Indian restaurant near 27th and Pine Lake Road. I don’t think the restaurant has been open very long since I’ve been driving by a lot lately, waiting for it to open.

They served lunch from the buffet only today. I think their plan is to have a lunch buffet every day and then allow people to order from the menu in the evening.

The menu has a lot of options, not unlike The Oven. Lots of vegetarian choices, which is nice. The restaurant was very clean and open and the service was very good. The owners are anxious to do a good job and made sure everyone had plenty to eat and drink.

On the lunch buffet today they had chicken curry and a fried potato (don’t remember the name of the dish). They also had naan and a soft rice cake with two chutneys: coconut and mint. Another crisp, cracker-like dish was offered, as were some vegetable options. I didn’t take notes, so my explanation of the buffet is poor. I apologize for that. Saffron rice and rice with lentils were offered with the meal.

The food tasted great. Excellent flavor.

However, the chicken had bones in it. This is a big problem that they will have to address because I was picking bones out of every bite. By the end of lunch I just ate the saffron rice with the juice from the chicken curry and didn’t even bother with the meat.

A man sitting behind us asked about the bones and they said that’s just the way they prepare it. Like most people, I’m not used to eating bones or picking them out of my food, so that is a food preparation process the owners will need to change.

After we had gone through the line they informed us that they had added a chili beef dish (medallions or kabobs) to the buffet. They were anxious for people to eat it, so I went back and got some. It looked like it might be a tandoori beef with a chili glaze basted on. It was flavorful, but like the chicken, the quality of the meat was inferior.

The lunch buffet was $10.99. For those prices, in that location, the quality will have to improve if they want to succeed.

I love the idea of a locally owned Indian restaurant in that location. I hope they can make some minor changes to improve their food. Overall, I was a little disappointed, based on the price, but I think they can easily overcome those issues.

Burrito Shack has great food

Burrito Shack

Had one of the best chicken burritos I’ve ever had today at the Burrito Shack. This is a new restaurant in the old El Charro restaurant at 221 S. Ninth St.

The burrito was generous and the chicken was moist and well seasoned. The burrito had delicious roasted peppers was not overly spicy.

The restaurant has weekly specials, including pulled pork and steak sandwiches as well as 50-cent tacos.

A variety of unusual salsas are available to try and I sampled the chipotle shrimp soup and it was fantastic!

The owner of the restaurant, Joaquin De Los Santos, bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and to ensure we were happy.

Excellent food and service and the prices aren’t bad either. This is a good combination and I highly recommend you try this restaurant. I know I’ll go back, but as much as I want to try a steak sandwich, there’s a good chance I’ll order the chicken burrito again.

I was a little surprised that the Journal Star only gave them 2.5 stars for food quality in their story in Ground Zero. I thought the food was quite good.