got my monitors set up


40 inch wall mounted TV for my main display. A 19 inch monitor below. A TV mount with a mirror taped to it above so I can see the main TV from my desk. Really enjoying the setup and it feels like I am finally done with my new setup. It has been a long ride.


a tail of two mouses


I am a logitech whore when it comes to mice. I have used a logitech mouse for as long as I can remember. Theresa’s mouse at work died and I wanted a new fancy one so we worked out a deal where I would get a new one and she got my old one. I had been wondering about the big free spinning metal wheel ones and picked up a M500 for home use. The wheel is a big hunk of metal and you can set it to bee free spinning. Makes it great for tumblr, but middle clicking is totally useless in free or clicky mode. It drove me absolutely insane. I middle click more than normal click. In linux middle click is just so useful, but with that mouse it was a nightmare.

Picked up a M510 wireless and love the feel, but it is being a bit sketchy by seeming to go to sleep while I am using it or the signal drops for a fraction of a second. I will mess with it more, but can deal with it now that I can middle click.

UPDATE: moving the receiver to a new USB port away from my monitors seemed to fix the issues. I love this mouse. It is so much lighter than previous wireless ones I have used before and feels so good. At $40 I am very happy.

Check out that mouse pad. It is like an acre of room. love it. I have a slightly smaller one at work and like it, but wish it was bigger. Might as well just make my whole desk out of mousepad.

FORGE handcrafted IT services

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 3.35.01 PM

FORGE handcrafted IT services is a business of a good friend. And he really knows his stuff. Most of the time we chat computer stuff he is way over my head and I just nod yes. Now there is no way they would do that to customers, because they will take the time to make sure you know that they can help you accomplish whatever computer and network related project you need done. Does your business need a point of sale system, Need to get a wireless home network running, or if your computer is infected with something and just needs a good cleaning FORGE is a great solution.

If it involves technology, we can do it! From supporting applications to installing stable and secure wireless networks, we do it all. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to explore the best options to fill your needs.
We pride ourselves in taking the time to work with you to provide the best package at the best price.

Highly recommended and the link is over on the sidebar –>

2 months with the google CR-48 notebook


Above is the CR-48 running Ubuntu. I used a guide to dual boot the chromium OS and Ubuntu over a month ago, and it is nice to have both OSs on there. The notebook is not all that powerful, so performance in ubuntu is nothing spectacular, but the boot up is maybe 10 seconds and it is nice to have a bit more functionality when I need it. I mostly just stay in chromium though.

I have switched to the dev channel for the updates to the chromium OS. They come out weekly and sometimes more often. The regular channel is called beta, so the dev channel is bleeding edge. It has cut me a few times. Lots of bugs and twice it has made the OS completely useless. I am very fortunate to have gotten one of these and I gladly submit bugs and deal with it being unstable for a free laptop though.

I still use the heck out of this notebook. It boots up in just a few seconds and accomplishes 95% of what I use a computer for on a daily basis. When I need to burn discs, play portal, upload pics from my digicam, or mess with my phone I use the desktop. I am almost ready to turn off the desktop because it gets used less and less. I would love to take this thing on a vacation, it would work great. The included 3G would work great if I could not get a wifi signal. The battery lasts for a long time since it has good power saving and no spinning discs. Only complaints are that the rubber coating picks up oils from your hand something fierce and the lack of a mouse button makes it hard to highlight text.

Thanks google.

a week with the google notebook


A week of using the CR-48 google laptop has been enjoyable. I have used the heck out of this thing at home, but more out of necessity. With the time crunch on our loan refinance I have been without my desktop computer for the whole time. My only connection to the internets has been this notebook. Well I guess I could of used my other laptop, but it is so old and this was a new toy and I wanted to dive in head first and see how it would do. Actually my laptop is way more powerful than this thing, but more on that later.

I love this thing

I agree with most reviews of this beta notebook to test out the chromium OS, it is nice, but severely limited and prob nothing anyone would buy. For the goal of the chromium OS beta program, I do think this is a decent device, especially for free 🙂 The main selling point of the chromium OS is that you exist in the cloud. Your laptop could be crushed at any time by a steamroller and all you would have to do is log into another device using the chromium OS and be right back at home in 30 seconds. That is very apparent and true.

So I am just going to ramble on about what it is like to use the chromium OS and the CR-48 notebook below.

Nice little surprise showed up on the porch over lunch

Google shipped me a Cr-48 Chrome Notebook after I applied for the pilot program. The application asks a lot of questions and you can only choose one option, which made the choices hard. I will mostly use it home, so I picked that. But I will use it at work as well. I was very stoked to get it. I have drooled over my friends a few times. I am floored they accepted me. There are only a few thousand of these that have been shipped. I used my 140 letters to say I want to use it on the toilet and while blogging about working on pinball machines 🙂

It has an Atom 1.66 ghz processor, 16 GB SSD drive, ear phone jack, single USB, and a webcam. The chromium OS is basically the chrome browser with a few more options. Everything you do you do online using google applications and chrome extensions. So no loading photoshop on it, I will use pixlr, etc..

A free notebook with 2 years of free 100mb a month 3G from verizon. There has to be a catch right? I cannot sell it, and I have to give google feedback every now and then. The chromium OS is very beta and folks have had some issues. I hear they update it pretty often though.


magic mouse


Workmate letting me test out an apple magic mouse. I am not the biggest mac fan, but I use a nice one at work and love their keyboards. I wanted a magic mouse for use at home, but it is still kinda tricky in ubuntu. Took me a bit to get it working correctly in mac because i was using a non mac mouse and had to have USB overdrive to get the buttons to work correctly. Seriously mac WTF? Ended up having to uninstall that program and then hack so I could get a 3 tap middle mouse click, but oh man I am already in love with this thing after just a few hours. The whole top being a touchpad / scroll bar is amazing. Just for scrolling alone this thing rules. Once they get it working good in ubuntu I am so getting one.