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Google Chromecast audio

Why not add another streaming device? (7th device active right now) Chromecast Audio I have really been looking forward to this one though. Right now I depend on youtube playlists to play music in our main room. Since moving to FireTV devices I cannot use google music, which is my main music streaming. If you […]

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Google FTW again

Very low speed bike wreck smashed my Nexus 5 that was in a mount on my handlebars. I heard google was replacing phones and gave them a call. They agreed to replace my Nexus 5 with a refurbished one. Logan even threw in $10 worth of google play cash after I sang to him. They […]

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Mario Portals

This is a game being made by someone. Will be released eventually. More info here

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I am so anti facebook, and such a google whore. G+ addresses my main issue with FB, every time you post it is to everyone on FB. With G+ you create groups of friends with and can post to just them. If you have a friend who posts to FB 30 times a day with […]

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About BorK

My pledge: a pic in every post, at least 5 posts a day (cept weekends), and free tiny american flags ($39.95 S&H). Seriously yall, register up and add some stupid / cool stuff here. This is a community, join into it, comment a few times and I will make you an author.

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