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Back in Feb 2011 google gave me a laptop and I am still using the heck out of it. I dual booted with ubuntu for a while and gone through many updates to the chromium operating system. The model I got was skipped over for a major upgrade for a while, but finally got it […]

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Above is the CR-48 running Ubuntu. I used a guide to dual boot the chromium OS and Ubuntu over a month ago, and it is nice to have both OSs on there. The notebook is not all that powerful, so performance in ubuntu is nothing spectacular, but the boot up is maybe 10 seconds and […]

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A week of using the CR-48 google laptop has been enjoyable. I have used the heck out of this thing at home, but more out of necessity. With the time crunch on our loan refinance I have been without my desktop computer for the whole time. My only connection to the internets has been this […]

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Google shipped me a Cr-48 Chrome Notebook after I applied for the pilot program. The application asks a lot of questions and you can only choose one option, which made the choices hard. I will mostly use it home, so I picked that. But I will use it at work as well. I was very […]

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