Zobert is free

She tore her CCL 3 months ago. For the past 2 months we had to limit her activity by having her on leash or kenneled at all times. Doc finally frees her to be set free and this is what she does. Just stands on the patio staring at me. She did like being able […]

ugh what a week

3 emergency unscheduled visits to the vet so far. 1. we sneak pills in her food so we crushed them all in preparation and mix in her food. Apparently they taste bad and she would not eat. So we got the Rx filled again and have been fighting sneaking pills into every possible treat we […]


It was a rough day for the other livestock while Zobert was away. Fuggles saw Maggie pass and there was closure, but us taking Zobert away and be gone for a day caused so much stress. Once Zobert got home it was a clusterfu%k for sure. Took a darn long time for everyone to settle […]