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Richard the woodpecker

We have been enjoying the birds that come to our feeders. It is neat seeing the different kinds of birds. I noticed there was a woodpecker in our neighborhood earlier this year before we had the feeders. Our first trip to the wild habitat bird store we picked up a chunk of suet claiming to […]

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made a nicer tray bird feeder

The first one shown below used plastic screen and some spare wood I had lying around. It was very popular, but the screen was sagging bad and was not very sturdy. Picked up some proper screen and wood. It is very solid and should work well.

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we be all birding and stuff

This apparently mated pair of American Goldenfinches visit us multiple times a day. They are simply breathtakingly gorgeous. We got a simple bird feeder so Thunky could enjoy, and it has become a full on obsession for us. 3 types of feeders bring in all sorts of birds and we are going to spend all […]

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