the cord has been cut

Cut the cable cord and upped the internets today.
We could of cut the cord over a year ago, but wanted to make sure we had all our bases covered for the stuff we watch…. yadda.
Netflix, HULU, Leaf antenna, and a PLEX server with the future addition of a HomeRun box to DVR over the air TV on the PLEX server box and possibly switching to another internets provider.

so excite

Futurama is one of our most often watched shows. We usually have the TV on in the background while doing stuff and last night we finished the last season to get ready for the new episode tonight.

the Doctor ran the Olympic torch

26/05/2012 06:23

Flickr set

Pretty cool. Wish it was Tennant, but I am still smiling.

So we have watched the relaunch at least 6 times through. I think the best way to get folks interested is to have them start at season 5 where Smith and Amy start, then before they get to the angels in the forrest episode… go back and watch blink and then the library episodes, and continue season 5 after that. We are going to get Theresa’s parents hooked on this show one way or another dammit.