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foxspit is famous

He got a question into Deal with it on LJS What does “Have a good one” mean and why has it replaced “thank you” in the service industry?

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So there I am in the baffroom reading the letters to the editor. I start laughing and Theresa who must of been waiting outside the door for me to read it said something like “I know right”. Just absolutely mind boggling to read that this morning. Letter While out for a walk in my neighborhood, […]

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Go green, go local

^Random My Father in-law Tom Prusa had his second article printed this Sat in the LJS. All in all, we find the market a very pleasant social outing where we can support local merchants, save money, get fresh high-quality produce and visit with friends. I don’t see how anyone could pass up something like that. […]

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I had heard about this Friday night and wanted to let Cindy know we are just a bunch of cottenninnyninnymuggins who are filled with snark, but she blogged about it. Uh oh. Google Your Life Away My coworker wrote a funny story today about the time people spend surfing the web looking up stuff and […]

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Matt Wills is one cool cat. It is always a pleasure to ride with him and man can he ride. He is one of those who do 100 + mile rides on a single speed like it is a trip to the store for a soda. Heck of a huge article in the LJS talking […]

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Letters, 7/16: Stop NASCAR to save gas Some good comments over there We keep hearing that we must conserve gas to help lower oil use and price. They say they want us to drive 55 mph to lower fuel use. Then why doesn’t the government stop NASCAR racing? Consider all the fuel traveling from one […]

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A)I don’t want a man that’s going to use the Koran to be sworn in as President instead of the Bible.” Q) Where did you get this information that Barack Obama wanted to be sworn in on the Koran? A) From one of our Church members that’s keeping up with what his comments are and […]

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The Rev. Dr. B. William Barth tells me so: I read the Jan. 19 Lincoln Journal Star article, “Go online, get ordained,” with a mixture of anger, judgment and deep sadness. To me, Mary Kay Wood and all of her ilk have demeaned and cheapened the ministry of the church by her frivolous “pay for […]

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