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While playing Ingress I have visited many towns around Lincoln. One of the teams favorite cities to throw fields over Lincoln from is Dorchester near Crete. Dorchester is the home of City Slicker’s Bar & Grill. It has a bit of everything, pool, dance floor, megatouch, live music with the best instrument from, a fixed air conditioning from ducted air conditioners Adelaide, and a great bacon cheeseburger. The bacon comes from Blue River Meats, who has the best jerky in Nebraska. It was a substantial burger seared great, toasted bun, and a pile of seasoned fries. I would put that burger up there with Dinker’s for sure. I wish I could find a burger as decent here in Lincoln.

They make their own corned beef for their ruben sammiches. I will be making the drive from Lincoln to check that out soon.


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Burgers’ Bacon Steak Cuts


Burgers is the best packaged bacon I can find locally. No water is injected into the bacon, it is dry cured. The pieces are 1/4 inch thick and cooked up nicely.

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Bacon = Awesome. Jerky = Awesome. How could anyone ever decide between these two meat snacks? We’ve explained that you don’t have to, Go Bacon is available for those who want that bacon taste with the jerky convenience. Luckily, these meat snacks are readily available. Every breakfast joint serves bacon concoctions and every convenience store has an aisle of jerky. If you’re the DIY-type, you can whip up jerky in a dehydrator or grab some pork belly from the butcher and fry your own bacon. This graphic will teach you about bacon and jerky, from their origins to consumption statistics and more.

Read through this graphic and become the meat expert you’ve always wanted to become.


Thanks for sending this in Charlotte

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“Bacon, not stirred,” says Mr. Bond


thanks Voyeur

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Boiling bacon seems really odd to me

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sliced gold


With the bacon at Ideal changing I cannot find any decent bacon around here. I had to order up some Scott Hams bacon. This stuff is the best I have ever had. It is so salty and smoked that Theresa will not eat it and they do not even ship it cold. Got 6 pounds and that should last a really long time.

I have cut my bacon consumption down a ton. We really only use bacon for mac and cheese or baked potatoes and occasionally brinner, but I am thinking this weekend I will be enjoying some full strips.

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Back in 2007 I gave the apple wood smoked bacon at Ideal my best endorsements. Later on I found out that it was Nueske’s, and Ideal started labeling it as such. Well my bacon consumption has gone way down, but I could always go to Ideal and get it. But for the last couple months it was not in stock. I heard a rumor that Nueske’s has changed stuff up and possibly gone to another method for making their delicious bacon. The nice fella at Ideal let me know it was changed, but nobody has complained yet.

Well let me be the first to complain. Right away I noticed needle marks in the bacon. That means they are injecting brine to speed up curing. I am not 100% sure they dry cured before, but always figured they did. That was a major blow, but I gave it a try. The result was a lackluster that hardly compares to their products in the past. Maybe I got a bad batch, it was above mediocre, but I did not want to finish it all. And it was only four pieces.

I now need to know where the Green Gateau gets its bacon, because that stuff absolutely rules. Once I find out I will order it by the case and freezy bag the crap out of it. If anyone deserves a crown it is them.

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