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Just over 2 years ago we drove 172 miles to buy some JC’s PIE POPS (and attend a wedding). It was worth the drive. Now we just need to go to our local Hy-Vee to get them. $5.29 for 3 pops. TL;DR These rule and the team at JC’s super impressed us with their over […]

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While playing Ingress I have visited many towns around Lincoln. One of the teams favorite cities to throw fields over Lincoln from is Dorchester near Crete. Dorchester is the home of City Slicker’s Bar & Grill. It has a bit of everything, pool, dance floor, megatouch, live music with the best instrument from, a […]

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During Zobert’s recovery we pushed our large coffee table to the side and got used to not having it in the way. When we remodeled the living room we did full on 5.1 stereo wiring and placed connection plates along a wall. Well these days that is not needed with the soundbars and wireless speakers, […]

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Beautiful Gazania. Grabbed a 4 pack from Urban Trail Gardens

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$6 worth and got 9 1/2 cup diced bags for our fave meal, chicken and chillies.

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I am always willing to try a pizza I have not had before. Big Vinny’s opened a little bit ago and I have been interested in checking it out. I placed an order online for cheesesticks and a large pizza. They had a coupon right on the site for $1.50 a large and went with […]

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Hy Vee take and bake is OK

I am always willing to try out a new to me pizza. I heard that Hy Vee take and bake pizza was good and we gave it a try. The ingredients seemed decent, the sauce could use some more spice, and the thin crust was not that cracker like thin crust. I accidentally picked up […]

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