City Slicker’s Bar & Grill in Dorchester


While playing Ingress I have visited many towns around Lincoln. One of the teams favorite cities to throw fields over Lincoln from is Dorchester near Crete. Dorchester is the home of City Slicker’s Bar & Grill. It has a bit of everything, pool, dance floor, megatouch, live music with the best instrument from, a fixed air conditioning from ducted air conditioners Adelaide, and a great bacon cheeseburger. The bacon comes from Blue River Meats, who has the best jerky in Nebraska. It was a substantial burger seared great, toasted bun, and a pile of seasoned fries. I would put that burger up there with Dinker’s for sure. I wish I could find a burger as decent here in Lincoln.

They make their own corned beef for their ruben sammiches. I will be making the drive from Lincoln to check that out soon.


Awesome media center / coffee table upgrade


During Zobert’s recovery we pushed our large coffee table to the side and got used to not having it in the way. When we remodeled the living room we did full on 5.1 stereo wiring and placed connection plates along a wall. Well these days that is not needed with the soundbars and wireless speakers, but we needed to downsize the large media center piece we had.

Headed to Cool and Collected Antiques to do a revamp. Picked up a small table / dresser that we drilled out and stuffed all our media equipment into. We have a Harmony remote that works via RF and many streaming devices that are BT, so no need for line of sight allowing us to hide it all in the fancy wood thing. Picked up a cool coffee table with big cast iron wheels made by Barn wood & Burlap that can be set out of the way when we want and easily rolled out when we want to use.

Just need a low profile subwoofer to clean the space up a bit more. Theresa wrapped the exposed wires going into the panel with some fabric.

Many more photos below the fold.

Big Vinny’s take and bake pizza is yummy


I am always willing to try a pizza I have not had before. Big Vinny’s opened a little bit ago and I have been interested in checking it out. I placed an order online for cheesesticks and a large pizza. They had a coupon right on the site for $1.50 a large and went with that. I requested the pepperoni on top without knowing if they do it that way or not. My total came to $13.50 with no tax since it is not cooked. I got a call from Vinny’s a couple minutes later to make sure that I had requested the pepperoni on top of the cheese.

The store was clean and simply decorated. The parent company of Big Vinny’s is Godfathers pizza. I inquired if it was pretty much just Godfathers take and bake and was informed that they are different products. Different sauce recipe, cheese blend, but some of the toppings were the same.

Baking was easy. The sticks were cheesy. The pizza was not too greasy. The sauce was flavorful and the crust was not too thick or too thin. The unbaked pizza looked like it had a decent amount of sauce and cheese. The cheese was borderline a bit much for me. I would consider it extra cheese without having to order extra cheese. Theresa said she would be willing to try it again, which says something.

Big Vinny’s (site gave me a security warning)
Big Vinny’s facebook


Hy Vee take and bake is OK



I am always willing to try out a new to me pizza. I heard that Hy Vee take and bake pizza was good and we gave it a try. The ingredients seemed decent, the sauce could use some more spice, and the thin crust was not that cracker like thin crust. I accidentally picked up a thin crust and it was about Va;’s thickness. Good deal for the price.