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as usual, I go deeper into a hobby


So it comes to this
Bulk buying DIY vape juice components
I have been playing with my own mixes for a couple weeks now. I have so many standards down.
A Swedish fish
A juicy Peach
And a recreation of my absolute favorite Ecto from a very well known brand. Nailed the recreation to the point it still has the slight armpit smell.

That is 500ML of PG and VG with 250 of 60mg nic in VG along with the proper tools. A decent investment, but will pay off in time easily.

And when it comes to my atomizer, I am all Kayfun all the time. More on that later.

We for so long have bought so many mixed juices at insane prices. I can make my own juices, just like the folks making the juices, at a fraction of the cost. Some flavors are easy to reproduce, and some we will still buy DBliquids all the time though.

I am creating juices I love to vape at the nic strength I love at about $2 per 50ML. It is fricking on in so many way I cannot even splain.

I have moved beyond getting over chew, to having fun vaping, and I love it.




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