mmmmm…… fresh installs


My main PC at home is a hodge podge of pieces. I used a 74 GB 10K RPM drive for my OS’s for years. It was always a pain to split that small space between XP and Ubuntu. I would run out of room often. I went through a couple 2nd hard drives over the years. Lost a bunch of data from failures. I picked up a good 640 GB drive a few months back and made it a USB external for backups. Decided to make that one my primary OS drive. Things are going really good now. Ended up installing each 3 times on just the main PC and a few other times on laptops.

I wanted to use Jaunty Jackalope, the beta ubuntu, but I could not get sound to work as well ass other issues. Just a bit too beta for me, but it looks beautiful.


look mom no wires part 2

So I decided to upgrade to the newest ubuntu on the lappy and something really strange happened. My internal wireless light went from red to beautiful blue. They finally worked my laptops wireless into the kernel. It is only G and I have been thinking about getting a N router so I might still use the card I have, but that was a really nice surprise.

Best Buy to sell ubuntu



Canonical’s plan to bring the increasingly popular Ubuntu Linux distribution to stores in meatspace is an indication that the company believes Linux is ready for a mainstream audience. The question, however, is whether the package delivers enough additional value to justify the cost. Consumers can pick up Ubuntu in a box for $19.99 at Best Buy stores or order it for the same price from the Best Buy web site. Included with the package is a quick-start guide and 60 days of installation and setup support from Canonical partner ValuSoft.

my first taste of wine


That there is some windows programs running in linux without a virtual machine. I had heard about wine for years now and decided to check it out using dvd shrink. The install was easy and I installed DVDfabHD decypter as well. I had been having issues with K9copy and made a personal backup of my southpark movie this new way. It went really fast and used both cores. Happy.

a nice and clean reinstall my OS session last night

I use linux as my main OS at home, but have a windows partition for movie maker and steam games. Well I had an old 5,400 RPM 100 GB drive in there and the MBR got written to it somehow on my last install. I wanted to get that out of my system and figures I would enjoy Hardy Heron since it is pretty much done (been using it on my laptop for months).

XP was easy and so was the ubuntu install. I have a 300 GB second drive that holds all my data so there was not need to create a separate home partition. It is formatted fat32 so both OS’s can use it. After loading up the nvidia driver I set up dual screens with the nvidia settings GUI, no need to edit xorg.conf, which was really nice. Compiz is enabled by default and I bumped it up to the cube by installing CSM. I have a canon printer which has heen a headache in earlier ubuntu installs. This time it was ready to go out of the gates, drivers and all. All I had to do was click make it my default and all was well. Lets see windows do that.

bawk hardy heron is cool bawk


Downloaded ubuntu Hardy alpha 6 for the laptop. It is pretty darn cool from what I have seen. Got wireless, compiz, the new gnome, and firefox 3 on it. Had a bit of an issue with scim messing with my language, but got rid of that. Took me a bit to get the xorg working well since I did not notice there is a new way to do it graphically. The nvidia settings GUI got my resolution correct which is a first. No hacking necessary.

I picked up everything with ease. This will be the next LTS distro so they are making it pretty cool.
Gotta love an OS that puts out a new version every 6 months. I am not ready to switch at work yet since I doubt vmware server is ready for Hardy yet. Still for my home PC it works great.

Impressed I am.