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Reason TV: E-Cigarettes: Second-hand Smoke, Vaping, and the Price of FDA Regulations

I am sure many of you have seen a lot of info on e-cigs / personal vaporizers and the like. If Reason TV is behind it you might want to listen.

Theresa and I are over a quarter of a year tobacco free. It is a huge achievement for us and we both love vaping ever since we got our first vape pens from an online headshop. It is more of a hobby for us, well especially me, but we are no longer slaves to tobacco and enjoy the positives of using nicotine just like we enjoy using caffeine.

Currently caffeine and nicotine are treated the same under federal law as stimulants. Soon the FDA will release guidelines on e-cigs and possibly e-liquids that states can enact laws on. Pretty much all of the e-cig manufacturers, businesses, and most of the online community are behind the almost certain regulation of these products being available to persons of 18 years of age. E-liquids do contain nicotine, which is not a carcinogen. The nicotine is extracted from tobacco, so the FDA does have legal stance to regulate it like a tobacco product. Once again, most of the industry is fine with the age restriction.

Where the uncertainties of regulating the e-gig / e-juice industry is controversial is the regulating of the juices used for these products beyond age requirements. The industry and e-juice manufactures are fine with labeling regulations of the ingredients. But there is a possibility that manufacturers of the e-juices will need to be pre approved by a regulatory agency could really hurt many small businesses. We buy the majority of our e-juices online from small manufactures. We would hate for them to be closed by regulations.

So anyways…. let me geek out a bit on the setups we are currently using.


#1 from left: is just my volt checker LCD display. It shows the current volts of the battery I have in a mechanical mod. It allows me to know the power of the battery I am currently using and is a fun toy. It does this little dance before it shows the volts. I can also use it to check the volt drop of my mod and atomizer that is connected if I really want to geek out.

#2 is my current fave mechanical mod. A Nemesis clone from fasttech in 18350 mode. It has a standard sized skinny phinny Phiniac carto tank on it. I am so darn happy with this setup I smile every vape I take. Apart from this being the best vape pen for oil I’ve ever had, the quality of the parts is just phenomenal. It is truly a premium setup that I never have to mess with and just performs 100% every time.

#3 is my Sigelei zmax V5. It is a variable voltage and variable wattage telescoping mod that provides insane consistency and I normally run it in 18350 mode, but can run in 18650 with ease. I use smok 2.0 ohm standard cartos with it in a IBTanked tank. It is computer circuit controlled to deliver the exact same vape every hit. I run it at 8 watts.

#4 is Theresa’s Sigelei zmax V3 that only runs in 18350 mode. She is rocking a standard Phiniac tank with butterfly etching and blue stain. It is her home vape and she still uses her Kanger Evods for on the go and at work.

#5 is a Sentinel M16 Mod with a Smok RSST in 18650 mode and a 1.6 500 Stainless steel mesh wick wrapped in 28 gauge kanthal. It is my first SS wick and I will keep playing with it. Still a darn fun toy.

As far as e-juices go we have one main source and I dabble. THe flavor of your e-juice is pretty much the most important factor when it comes to using e-cigs to quit using tobacco. If you do not like the flavor of your vape you might give up on it. Finding a flavor you can stick with is not that easy. There is so much variety in juices that you can get local and online that it quickly becomes overwhelming.

Some folks find a flavor they like right away. It took me months to find my main juices, but I still like to dabble with new flavors. For me it is a never ending adventure. Some folks like craft beers, others like their Bud Light and it defines them. Theresa found hers darn quick and is completely satisfied.

DB Liquids is our absolute favorite online juice source.

Theresa has two flavors she uses, and only these two:
Strawberry Dragonfruit – just amazing flavor. Sweet and delicious
Grape Soda – Tastes exactly like grape soda. It smells like fricking candy and tastes of fizz somehow

I go with:
Pearanoia – delicious pear cider with a hint of spice. My current all day vape for sure
Tangerine Dreams – My first WOW flavor. Hint of vanilla in a deep tangerine flavor
And when frisky….. Tobaccoconut – exactly like what it sounds like


I just love this tiny as hell Nemesis setup with the skinny carto tank. Hits like a fricking tank and does not let me down. So small I cannot believe the other PVs I carried around. I love this thing. Not sure how I could go more minimal with so much power. It is just a battery tube with amazingly adjustable pin top and bottom caps taking up the least room they can and still provide air control and connection throw. The lockout is buttery smooth thread wise, but gets caught up when in my pocket at times. Not a biggie though. Severely pleased.

I do love the citrus flavors and use Schmecto Schmooler from The Vapor Chef as well.

I like being able to switch between flavors every now and then and find it very enjoyable. We are mostly on 10mg of nicotine these days. I have been doing some 6mg juices as well. It really seems to not make much of a difference to us craving wise. We are mostly vaping for fun these days. Neither of us could even imagine going back to tobacco. That is so 2012 😉

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