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12 million AP more to go to hit the top

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Crazy time where I missed the Seward exit and had to back track, but we threw all the fields with 2 minutes to spare to get it done before the check point. Crazy coordination where we were on speaker phone and throwing in you get two, I get two fashion. The Onyx Illuminator badge is […]

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Just need 20 million more for L16 o_O

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Covered Lincoln in 7 layers tonight

View post on I am the left corner 🙂 All of this was planned by Torek. He collected all the keys needed to make the links and planned it all out. 8 Agents were out in the field smashing and linking. We also had many folks manning the maps and providing information to the […]

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621 miles walked while the app is open. I was so close that the small drift to hack a desk portal earned me the badge. Sorta funny, but my effort over 2.5 years is not. I earned the F out of that one.

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2.5 years to get the gold illuminator medal in Ingress Since I am on Sprint I cannot get signal in many towns outside of Lincoln so all of the 2,624 fields to equal 250,000 Mind Units was mostly in Lincoln instead of huge fields that cover Lincoln. That huge blue diamond on the west side […]

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Ingress LEVEL 14 achieved

Skipped right over L13, but got the gift bags for both levels It literately scared me. I was still thinking I would get the illuminator gold first. Was just ingressing on the way home from the grocery store. I was so happy I ran home, threw open the door, and declared I was L14 where […]

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It took 1 year and 28 days for me to hit Level 12 in Ingress. May 15th I hit L11. 107 days later I hit L12. There are 16 levels in ingress. Level 8 is where you are finally able to play with the most powerful items. All levels above just let you hold more […]

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