MasterCrush can crusher is a beast


The MasterCrush can crusher is awesome. Kinda overkill without making it hard to use. The 22 inch foam handled arm makes it so easy. The thing is crazy powerful and can take up to 32 ounce cans and slay them with ease. Lube up the guides and you are ready to go. The fun part of it is that it is so insanely powerful and when you put a 12 oz can in there it is like squishing an ant. It does not kick out the can, but once you get into a groove it is so easy and quick. It smashes awesome AF.



That is a 32 ounce crowler and it was nothing to crush.

TUNAI Firefly



Phone to car AUX as simple as it could be. The Tunai Firefox is the smallest bluetooth receiver for your car / home audio
Pairing is simple, sound is good, it just works. Does not do hands free calls. Will switch to your phone and pause music for a phone call.

the Grip6 belt is amazing



Absolute game changer, the Grip6 belt / buckle
I have ZERO hips and I fought belts 5EVAR. I literally wanted to get implants in my hips to keep my jeans up. It is a constant struggle. I almost went suspenders. I am being so serious. I just can’t keep my pants up and it is a constant struggle, till now
I know a non hole based belt is nothing new, but this is the fricking bomb. I actually bought it off a FB add, which I hate, but it called to me. It is amazing. I <3 <3 <3 it and will never go back After a week of using the Grip6 I am completely satisfied. It locks on as tight as you need and has never slipped. It is so easy to use. I love it. My past belts would dig into my gut when I sat down and actually pull hairs out down there. I kept drilling holes in between the ones already there to get a good fit. This one I just pull it tight and it is so easy to adjust. The nylon strap is not super rigid and adjusts without having a memory like the leather ones did.

first time I have ever used a phone case and screen protector


Upgraded to a NEXUS 6P and am not choosing paid protection.

I picked up a super minimal case and a tempered glass screen protector for it. The phone is already huge so adding a case to it scared me. I went with a minimal case because the slick aluminum back is so slick. After reading a bunch I decided to protect the screen too. It is actually OK. The phone is already huge and the minimal protection makes it feel so much better and does not add too much to the size.

I am simply amazed by the tempered glass protection available these days. It sticks via static and is rock solid.

Google Chromecast audio


Why not add another streaming device? (7th device active right now) Chromecast Audio
I have really been looking forward to this one though. Right now I depend on youtube playlists to play music in our main room. Since moving to FireTV devices I cannot use google music, which is my main music streaming.

If you want to be able to send audio via wifi to almost any speaker / system this is it. You cast to the Google Chromecast Audio that is connected to VIA 3.5mm audio / RCA / optical all through the same jack. It is powered by a micro USB. You cast to it to any device that has those connections.

It works just like a Chromecast, but is for audio only, so no youtube playlists. It works with most streaming audio apps out there. The sound and signal strength is better than any streaming device I have currently. Bluetooth works for most, but this is such a step above. If you have multiple ones in your house they can sync to share. Imagine every sound system working in unison.

tl;dr: plug puck into any speaker, and you can stream music from phone / computer / tablet = awesome. Bluetooth speakers, your grandmas receiver, your TV, headphones, etc…. $35