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CAT | Cloe

Cash passed during surgery. The shattered elbow required much more work than they expected. After 2 + hours of surgery she succumbed. It is a bit hard for the owner who got Cash the day after he put his last dog down. Just got off the phone with Brandon and he is pretty sad as […]

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the tribute to Cloe is done

We so loved our little Cloe. We are never gonna forget her and made a proper tribute to her. We hand painted the shelf in a cow spotted motif cuz she was our little dalmation cow. Her ashes are in the fancy jar our friend James gave us for our wedding, her bowl, a plushie, […]

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Cloe’s remains

So we picked up Cloe’s ashes today. Kinda brought up how much we miss her all over again. We have been wrapped up in puppy fever, but the loss is still in our hearts. So as you can see in the pic she is getting an awesome vessel to hang in. It was a wedding […]

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RIP Cloe our little girl

Doctor said it was the worst he had ever seen. The spleen was huge, she was filled with old blood. he worked his butt off for almost 4 hours. Said he had no clue how she was still alive, toughest little dog he had ever seen. That would be Cloe. We are going to pick […]

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well…… Cloe not doing so good

so they got in there and saw what was going on. her Spleen had a massive tumor on it which caused it to rupture filling her abdomen with blood. Her liver is mishapen which indicates whatever it is has probably spread. They gave us the options. We chose to have her spleen removed and have […]

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so Cloe goes under the knife tues morning

not sure how much I told you before so here is a small recap: X-ray: all her internals are squished to her right side. ultrasound: there is some large mass, almost ribbon like that was blocking the ultrasound from penetrating it to figure out what it was. It goes the length of her abdomen. Her […]

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She is going to go in for surgery tuesday. Got to get in there and see what the mass in her is.

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So Cloe is pretty sick

She is 61 in dog years and she has some mass in her. it is pushing all her organs and stuff to one side. We got an ultrasound done and her liver looks a little messed up as well. It might be her spleen, or a tumor, or something else. Whatever it is it is […]

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