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Theresa made a super cool WALL-E and EVE fuse bead.

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well it is apparently on

My fuse bead work will soon be available for purchase at a killer local place. I gave a fuse bead star to a couple friends and they hung it up in their store. People are wanting to buy said fused arts and we are happy to do it. We hammered out these today and will […]

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Robot Unicorn perler

Robot Unicorn Attack is a fun game and I saw this pattern around a couple times and figured it was time I attempt a larger piece. Came out pretty well. Had to use 8 peg boards and ironing it was quite the adventure. Seems some colors do not like to fuse with others and it […]

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cool perler Mario wall art

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biggest fuse bead I have done

Biggest fuse bead pattern I have done. It was quite the chore. I hate to melt them too much and they curl when they are big. Took about an hour of ironing and fixing, I learned along the way. I did the fire flower earlier in the day Theresa is working on a mega one […]

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