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check out that rainbow road

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Wii U – Hyrule Warriors Teaser Trailer

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been playing a lot of Wii

Theresa has been playing Pikmin 3 a bunch. She made it pretty far in the game in a couple days and I goofed and deleted it off the Wii U. She did not mind that much and started over. A week ago they released some more missions. $2 worth of new stuff has kept her […]

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Zelda Skyward Sword

Theresa and I have been fighting over the wii for a week now. She got the new Rayman game and I have been playing Skyward Sword a ton. The new Zelda game is pretty cool. They fixed some of the lame stuff and the sword with the motion plus is very cool. I use the […]

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Kirby’s epic yarn

Rented this Sunday when it was released. It is a pretty game that is fun to play. We were playing 2 player and it was nice that both of us were equal and helping each other out. Much better than being a helper like in the Galaxy games. There is one really strange thing about […]

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So 3 + weeks and Theresa and I finally have 141 of the 142 stars on Super Mario Galaxy 2. It has been so much fun. After 110 stars it got really hard and I ended up getting the last 10 to 120 where the green stars come available. The green stars are absolutely amazing […]

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is pretty darn cool

The first one is simply an amazing game. Theresa and I take turns playing levels and we had been playing for the last month nightly to get ready for the new one to come out. SMG2 is pretty much an extention of the first, but with lots of little tweaks. Besides the new suits and […]

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new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer out

The cloud suit looks awesome. The orig one is such an amazing game. I was 2 stars away from completing it. This one looks even harder.

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