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Google FTW again

Very low speed bike wreck smashed my Nexus 5 that was in a mount on my handlebars. I heard google was replacing phones and gave them a call. They agreed to replace my Nexus 5 with a refurbished one. Logan even threw in $10 worth of google play cash after I sang to him. They […]

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I picked up a Google Nexus 7 tablet about a month ago. I have not had much interest in tablets, and am not much of an apple fan. Ipads are great, but I am not going to pay that much for a tablet and loathe itunes. The N7 is an Android device running the most […]

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These are the guys who have put out some great games on Wii, Xbox, and PS3. Yesterday I was able to download it to my droid phone and they look beautiful and play great. Free for android users.

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Bang Moo Clang Meow is an app currently available for droid and soon apple that my buddy Sharkbird made. he sent me an email with a bunch of words that I read off onto a voicemail for him. I added some sounds for some of the words as well. 4 folks contributed voices for the […]

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gone droid

Been looking at getting a new phone activly since the iphone4 came out. I have an iphone 3G and it is just horrible with the newer IOS on there. Asked tons of people and did my own research and decided I wanted to go android. I cannot stand booting into windows to get content on […]

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