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CAT | Omaha

Ingress has events all around the world often. Mostly large cities and folks from both teams come together and battle in cities. Ingress invited folks to submit their own proposals for the very first Ingress First Saturday and Omaha was one of the 24 cities world wide to be chosen. A box of schwag was […]

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so much <3 for Dinker's

If I lived near I would eat there every day. Thanks Omaha for having a Dinker’s

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welcome to Omaha

Beautiful time lapse

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She goes by the name of Rita D Phews….

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Omaha was fun

Picked up a friend from Omaha. We got lunch at Dinker’s and spent some time at The Beercade. The Beercade replaced the Jurrasic Park with a beautiful Cyclone and they have skee ball now 🙂

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the Beercade in Benson is awesome

The Beercade was the reason we went to Omaha Friday. I got to play Tron and Transformers and a bunch of other arcade games. 25 great beers on tap. Above the taps is a faucet for washing down the troughs I bet. All the games were in working order, but they have had to do […]

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Man Trying To Save Pizza Flips Car

KETV Jalopnik A man was reaching for the pizza box on his dashboard so it wouldn’t fall, and he ended up striking a pole and flipping his car. There were no human injuries. Sadly, the pizza perished. The driver didn’t even make it out of the Omaha, Neb. parking lot before he crashed, so intent […]

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Will pass along more info when i find it.

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