sharrows shared Lane Project ‘G’ Street from Capitol Parkway/Randolph to 4th Street

Funny it ends right in front of my house 🙂

Info filled article

Why are these markings on the street, what is their purpose?
The principle behind sharrows is simple: to reinforce the existing rules of the road in order to create safer conditions for bicycling. In the absence of bicycle lanes on busy streets, cyclists often ride too closely to parked cars. If somebody were to open a car door as a cyclist passed the cyclist could get “doored” and possibly get injured, perhaps seriously, especially if there was passing automobile traffic. Also, when cyclists stay far right in narrow travel lanes, passing motorists often don’t see cyclists or pass too closely to them. This is not only unnerving for the cyclist, but it also leaves little margin for error.

Another purpose of the shared lane markings is to identify certain streets as good routes for bicyclists to use to get to destinations or to other bicycle facilities. ‘G’ Street, for example, has long been identified for an off-street trail facility, but challenges to installing such a facility, such as cost, have limited its viability. Installing a shared land facility instead, will accomplish many of the purposes of a trail and is much less costly to the community.

you messed with the wrong mouse

Chuck E. Cheese left empty-pawed by party-goers

Lincoln police are investigating a possible dine and dash — with a child’s birthday party thrown into the middle — at Chuck E. Cheese.

A woman called the restaurant and arcade, 221 N. 66th St., and asked if it was possible to set up a last-minute reservation for a kid’s birthday party Saturday evening.

She, the child and several others — the police report did not specify how many attended — arrived at the restaurant about 6 p.m. Saturday. They partied for an hour, running up a $131.76 tab.

Looks like Lincoln is gonna be famous again. Police say man put cat in washer

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The cat’s owner later showed police the video, which shows a black cat in a top-loading washer consistent with the one in the residence, Flood said.

The machine is then turned on with the drum spinning, without water, Flood said. Andersen allegedly can be heard saying while laughing, “It’s the spin cycle!”

Once the machine stops, Andersen allegedly says, “Kitty, come on kitty!” The cat is clearly disoriented, yet Andersen allegedly starts the machine again, Flood said.

Tuesday morning, several people were conversing (rather colorfully, be warned) about this crime in a local blogger’s message board

Chief Casady giving some props to Fluxus for catching that fella who spray painted the capitol.

Tuesday morning, several people were conversing (rather colorfully, be warned) about this crime in a local blogger’s message board: beerorkid. If you follow the thread, at 10:41 AM a participant with the screen name Fluxus notes that he saw a man carrying a sign downtown late last week with the same obscure message. A few minutes later at 11:22 AM, Fluxus (still online) sees the same guy entering the Bennett Martin Public Library downtown, posts his observation, and calls the State Patrol.

A bit bummed the LJS did not mention how it all went down. The head of the NSP personally thanked Fluxus and gave him a little gift to say thanks. Pretty cool. Who knew my site could actually be useful 😉

watchful citizen helps catch the vandalizer

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 12.07.09 PM

Fluxus, on the forum was paying attention and notified the authorities which led to the guy admitting he had done it.

Guys, weird thing about this. I just called the State Patrol folks and told them this, too.

Last Thursday or Friday, I was eating my lunch on the picnic tables under the parking garage at 11th and N Sts between 11 and 11:30. There was a guy walking across the street, heading east up N st, carring a large handwritten sign with that exact same stuff written on it. One side of the sign had the god/archive web addresses, and the other side had that other stuff. Periodically, he would change the way he was carrying the sign so that people could see both sides as he walked along.

Considering what strange phrases those are, I’d bet he’s the same guy who did the graffiti.

He was a white guy, early to mid 40s, dark blonde or light brown hair, average height, kind of plain clothes.

If you see a guy matching that description, I’d call the State Patrol at 471-4545 right away. They’ll put you through to the Capitol Security folks and hopefully go get the guy.

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So, the guy I saw with the sign?

I was just having my lunch in the same place, and he walked by with the same sign again, headed east on N st! So I called the state patrol back, watched him go into Bennet Martin, and they came in to talk with him. So maybe they’ve got the guy. Sure would be a weird coincidence to be walking around with a sign with that same stuff on it…

The salvation of the state IS the watchfulness in the citizen!

KMTV’s Liz Dorland charaterizes health care rally in Lincoln as a “near riot.”

KMTV’s Liz Dorland has described the health care rally that occurred on Tuesday, August 25th as a “near riot.” Obviously, Ms. Dorland has never seen an actual riot in person or on the television. Here is her version of what went down on Tuesday. It sounds scary enough. Extra crowd control? OMG! Closing down a lane of traffic! OMFG! They even broke into Lounging Lizards Granny Flats! The best place to stay at, no way!

Nebraska Appleseed has several photos from the event here. Do the photos depict a “near riot?” Judge for yourself.

health care rally

I’d think that if there were anything close to a riot, there would be reports of injuries and arrests.