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Started a AMA over on reddit. Getting a lot of questions. It is pretty cool.

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yup I used to manually masturbate turkeys for artificial insemination. till one day a turkey came up to me and said “gobble, gobble” I said “oh hell no, you are getting a hand job like the rest” 😉 I keed I keed. Happy turkey day everybody. look for the turkey fry vid to come. yeah […]

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all my jobs 7.3 brewmaster

I brewed beer professionaly for about 7 years. Four at Crane River and 3.5 at Misty’s steakhouse and Brewery. I was an active homebrewer when I first started working for Crane River. I made friends with the brewer and eventually got to assist a bit in the brewery. It was awesome. Brewing a batch of […]

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Here at the state IT dept we have a 1 year contract open to assist with the desktop server support team. Should have a puter type degree and like not wearing jeans. Just thought I would let yall know.

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Following family tradition in the reverse, my Dad is now a donut maker which I once was. Papa had lost his job when Quebecore closed. They broke NAFTA stuff and he will be reimbursed by them to equal his wage no matter where he got a job. He chose wal-mart. he was in the deli, […]

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So Monday night after my first day I go for a bike ride with friends and Fuggles, she did 10 miles. I enjoy a few brews, 3-4 over the course of the whole evening, hardly a buzz (over 5 hours). Yet Tues morning I feel hungover. I now know what it was. I had to […]

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my last day on the job, kinda

Well it looks like today is the last day I will be working in the Capitol doing IT stuff for the Legislature. Well kinda. I am being contracted out tot he state IT department for six months which hopefully will end with me becoming part of their department. Why am I sad? Well this has […]

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Well lets see. I did a bunch of crap there. Gonna save the cool one for the next post though. – Expediter – Work the expo or basically the person who takes the food from the cooks and trays it up for the servers. booring and kinda stressful, but not too bad. – Manager (kinda)- […]

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