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Woodchuck Hard Cider GUMPTION


Woodchuck GUMPTION

Legendary showman P.T. Barnum once noted, “everybody drank cider-spirits called ‘gumption’.” Our Woodchuck GUMPTIONâ„¢ celebrates the spirit of P.T. Barnum and those with the gumption to follow their own path. We pair the fresh juice of common eating apples with dry cider apples to bring you a bold and unique drinking experience. – See more at:

The artwork on the six pack grabbed my attention. I am a fan of ciders and gave it a try. Seems strange that they use “common eating apples”. That did not wow me when I read it. It is pretty decent, but nothing about it really stood out. Dry enough for my tastes.

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Anchor Argonaut Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout

It’s an export stout (7.4 % ABV) made with English Maris Otter malt, two black malts, flaked barley and Golding hops. It has a deep, dark chocolate maltiness and a dry finish, as you would expect from a Dublin-style brew. – See more at:

Yowza it is a strong stout. Rich for sure. More of a sipping stout if you catch my drift. Glad I was able to get a 4 pack.

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fancy Pilsner Urquell cans


I was hoping it was a variety pack, but it was just some historic can designs of this great lager. Pilsner Urquell has that sort of woody taste and the can kept the skunk flavor out.

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Like that kid out of the dentist “is this real life?”
It is a malt brewed root beer that is soooo good. $10 a 6 pack, 5.9% ABV, not a malt beverage like Mike’s lemonade, but actual brewed root beer. Super rich and the vanilla hits hard. You cannot taste the alcohol at all.
The vanilla is strong, very sweet, crazy burn after like with a good root beer.
So worth a try. I hate the term, but this is a game changer. I have not enjoyed a beer like this for a while. That sixer might be toast by tonight.
Found at Geno’s / INTOXICANTS

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Borgata Pils was quaffable


Borgata brewery and distillery in Omaha has cans for sale in stores now. I picked up a sixer of their Pils. It is a decent tasting and easy drinking beer. On the side of the packaging is a coupon for 1 free beer at their brewery. That is awesome as heck. I will be sure to swing by next time I am in Omaha.

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99 pack of beer on sale

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