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I has failed

Well more like using a beta version of Ubuntu and their not being the modules to install vmware server, which I should of known made me fail. Back to feisty for a bit. I will wait till Nov or so for my work PC. I could of hacked it for a while and got it, […]

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Oh and I am a few minutes away from installing Gusty here on my work PC. I had hosed my feisty pretty bad, time for a freshy.

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I was hoping the next version of ubuntu would be goofy gopher, but a flatulent primate aint half bad. The NIC in my laptop went bad and I had some severe issues getting the current version of ubuntu to work with wireless, let alone load. We needed to get the laptop working for our trip […]

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Western digital My Book 500gb

So at work we needed a USB external USB drive to make some file transfers a bit easier. A nice guy headed to Best Buy and picked one of these bad boys up. I had looked into these since they are pretty cheap and although not networkable, they can be mounted to a PC and […]

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Now don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool. Actually really cool. The merging of beryl and compiz means there are so many plugins that it will make your head spin. But spinning is the problem. I run dual screens and compiz fusion does not support a big cube (spans both monitors as one cube) […]

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beryl and compiz merged They are now called compiz fusion more info and how to install over at opencomposting (forums) nice vid showing off some of the new plugins

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So I am fortunate enough to deal with many software and hardware vendors at my job. I am a huge fan of support forums where normal folks assist each other with issues. When it comes to going with a company, a little incentive does not hurt. zerowait who supplies our netapp filers kicks in jelly […]

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