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So on our new laptop I had gone through the pain of burning off the restore discs and then wiped the sucker completely clean. I even deleted the partition that contained the restore info. Well a few things did not work out and I decided to start over and thought about getting vista on there […]

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look Mom no wires

Jeesh how long ago was it I bought the new laptop? Anyways I spent an entire week worth of evenings and hours on the weekend struggling to get the internal wireless working in ubuntu linux. While looking around and deciding to buy the laptop I did I researched the compatability of a broadcom BCM4310 chip. […]

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electronics high and lows

really digging the new laptop. Thing is really light and small. Got a clean vista partition on there and ubuntu rocking. Both are running really fast and good, cept for wireless in ubuntu. I will get it, but it is taking me a while. The broadcom wifi chip is not very linux friendly. Got a […]

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I googled for it and found bunches of xmodmap’s and other crap. I just make it another ctrl key. System –> preferences –> keyboard –> layout options –> Ctrl key position –> make caps lock an additional Ctrl

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gaming in linux?

apparently so. most definately gonna check these out. Here is a page with lots more cool games and vids.

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found here and has its own website here

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Automatix is out for gusty

I have been running the newest version of ubuntu, gusty gibbon for a bit over a month now. It is what I run at home and I am quite pleased with it. i think it is oficially released tomorrow. And you can always grab it from the Legislatures mirror which should be much faster than […]

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Xp killed my fresh ubuntu

As the picture above shows, Linux is friendly with windows. I run XP virtual machines inside ubuntu rather than booting into windows. I dual boot and XP has a small partition for gaming purposes. Well Friday night I decided to wipe my whole system cuz it had Windows Vista and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on there. […]

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