if you give a man a shirt, he will use your software

So I am fortunate enough to deal with many software and hardware vendors at my job. I am a huge fan of support forums where normal folks assist each other with issues. When it comes to going with a company, a little incentive does not hurt. zerowait who supplies our netapp filers kicks in jelly beans, M&M’s, and other assorted goods often.

With free stuff vmware kicks down in a different way. They give us killer free software, but not just me, anybody. Vmware server and player give away virtualization free of charge. I use both, plus their enterprise VI3 ESX at work, in fact I specialize in it.

Well just for being a frequent user of their forums, they sent me this nice polo shirt. Fricking cool. I am a VMNT board warrior, mwahahahahhaa……

Sheeeeeeeeet….. I aint no elected official, I am a guy who wants good tools to work awesome. Vmware does that. They even jipped me on 5 free stickers, I still use their products. They are installed on all 4 computers I use. Vmware just rocks.

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