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installed compiz fusion then went back to beryl

Now don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool. Actually really cool. The merging of beryl and compiz means there are so many plugins that it will make your head spin. But spinning is the problem. I run dual screens and compiz fusion does not support a big cube (spans both monitors as one cube) yet. So although I had a 4 sided cube each screen was actually an eight sided cube and were opposites of each other. Does that make sense? Well it was just annoying. It is a bug they know about and will fix here soon.

Thing is they do not even have an official release yet, it is in beta currently. They should have a stable version here soon since it is going to be included in ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon. I will use it when they fix the dual monitor thing. Cool thing is I have both installed and can switch between them, so no headaches there.

Ubuntu install, which works really nice since it is still the apt-get way. none of that tricky git stuff.

EDIT: well I am now switching back and forth. Still the multi cube irks me, but they are working on it.

EDIT II: looks like somebody found a workaround.
CCSM –> general options –> display settings –> uncheck detect outputs

there is one drawback. It does not recognize the separation of your monitors, so a maximized app will span both. Still better than having this.

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