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sharrows shared Lane Project ‘G’ Street from Capitol Parkway/Randolph to 4th Street

Funny it ends right in front of my house 🙂

Info filled article

Why are these markings on the street, what is their purpose?
The principle behind sharrows is simple: to reinforce the existing rules of the road in order to create safer conditions for bicycling. In the absence of bicycle lanes on busy streets, cyclists often ride too closely to parked cars. If somebody were to open a car door as a cyclist passed the cyclist could get “doored” and possibly get injured, perhaps seriously, especially if there was passing automobile traffic. Also, when cyclists stay far right in narrow travel lanes, passing motorists often don’t see cyclists or pass too closely to them. This is not only unnerving for the cyclist, but it also leaves little margin for error.

Another purpose of the shared lane markings is to identify certain streets as good routes for bicyclists to use to get to destinations or to other bicycle facilities. ‘G’ Street, for example, has long been identified for an off-street trail facility, but challenges to installing such a facility, such as cost, have limited its viability. Installing a shared land facility instead, will accomplish many of the purposes of a trail and is much less costly to the community.

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