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Trying out the new pork line from Hollenbeck, it was really good. It is no secret that Windsor loins from Faltiens meat in Howells NE is one of the reasons I married my wife. Delicious smoked pork loins are amazing. I usually bulk up big time every year. I have tried some other smoked chops […]

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making the beef broth

We use a bunch of beef broth for our meals. For gravy I usually mix swansons broth and campbells condensed broth. While preparing this broth last night I looked at the ingredients in the condensed broth and was pretty bummed. They use caramel coloring in it, lame. We make out chicken stock often and well […]

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WOW. Hollenbeck Farms butcher or the butcher they are going through rules at making jerky. Not only is uber beef being used, but the jerky is amazing. Just look at that picture. It looks tough, but you can tear it apart with ease like it was a slice of deli meat. I am a severe […]

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So Hollenbeck farms sent out an email about how theiy were going to sell decent pork products besides just uber beef. I inquired about bacon of course and they let me know bacon was one of the pork products they would be selling. So I got two pounds worth. I cooked up 3 pieces for […]

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Link to the interactive pic Hollenbeck Farms swung into Lincoln sat night and braved the cold to sling some amazing beef and now pork. I got a bunch of stuff. 4 tenderloins, a roast, some pork chops, bacon, soup bones for stock (gonna do a post on that), and some killer beef jerky. They were […]

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Hi. This is to let everyone know we are doing another meat delivery. We are going to be in Omaha (Village Point Farmers Market Parking Lot) Friday, December 7th from 4:30 – 5:30. We will be in Lincoln (Old Cheney Farmers Market Parking Lot) Saturday, December 8th from 5:00 – 6:00. We are going to […]

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Hollenbeck farms has amazing meat. They emailed me yesterday letting me know they are going to be selling some cuts of pork (yes smoked bacon), jerkey and beef sticks. If you head to their site you can get on their email list or call them to place orders. They swing into Lincoln every couple weeks […]

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Hollenbeck Farms in LJS

Article I am a fan of their quality meat. Instead of raising only breeding stock and club cattle, J.R. decided that he wanted to breed cattle for eating as well. The Hollenbecks’ cattle are 100 percent all natural with no hormone, steroids or antibiotics. The only thing keeping the beef from being certified organic […]

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