Hollenbeck Farms in LJS



I am a fan of their quality meat. www.hollenbeckfarms.com

Instead of raising only breeding stock and club cattle, J.R. decided that he wanted to breed cattle for eating as well.

The Hollenbecks’ cattle are 100 percent all natural with no hormone, steroids or antibiotics.

The only thing keeping the beef from being certified organic is that they feed the cattle conventional corn rather than organic corn, which is four times as expensive.

Marcy said she believes that the product is still healthy and that the added label of “organic” isn’t worth the price increase for the customer.

The free-range cattle also roam on the 1,000 acres of pasture that the Hollenbecks have.

J.R. said this allows the cattle to be in their natural element instead of being kept in cramped, dirty holding pins like many of the commercial feedlots use.

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