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Hollenbeck bacon


So Hollenbeck farms sent out an email about how theiy were going to sell decent pork products besides just uber beef. I inquired about bacon of course and they let me know bacon was one of the pork products they would be selling.

So I got two pounds worth. I cooked up 3 pieces for our baked potatoes. Once I opened the package I did not notice too much of a smoky aroma. Circles from the water cured method were still visable. Water cured pork is kinda of a bummer. I was a bit bummed, but I noticed the pork belly was pretty much all there. This was not trimmed bacon, it was pretty darn close to cottage bacon / shoulder bacon. I cooked up 3 pieces and after it was cooked I was really impressed.

Even though it is water cured, it is severely decent bacon. This is not uber cured and severely smoked rashers, but a very satisfying cottage type bacon. I am hooked and will get more for sure.

Cottage / shoulder bacon is a bit hard to come by in the usual areas. You must go to the sources at farmers markets or special places. It is always worth it though.

Lincoln bacon quest is done. I have a few food posts I need to work on as well as the regular crap to mix in, results to come soon.



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