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Hollenbeck jerky is awesome


WOW. Hollenbeck Farms butcher or the butcher they are going through rules at making jerky. Not only is uber beef being used, but the jerky is amazing.

Just look at that picture. It looks tough, but you can tear it apart with ease like it was a slice of deli meat.

I am a severe jerky lover. I make my own with a very intense focus on red bell pepper and black pepper. I usually over dry it just to be sure. I have tried virtually every purchasable jerky available in Lincoln.

Jack links is good but too severely processed.
Lone star western is my fave, but it does seem severely processed as well.
Wild bills is way too processed
Super saver beef jerky used to be very variated between stores. 48th and O had the best. Large deposits of salt and pepper on dried pieces. Was tough though.
Most of the other super savers put out uber tough slightly moist pieces. It is hardly worth the effort to eat it. Seems every store is doing the same recipe now and I will not touch it.

I bought it from his trailer and it was frozen. I sat on it for a bit and then put it under the heater. Once warm enough for me to try it I grabbed and it just shredded into bits. Finally got a piece and was amazed.

Just moist enough, very little fat to work around, tender like dried beef. You can just tear it apart with little effort. Seems like the moisture level was beyond perfect. The seasoning is perfect. It has a good salt and pepper sting without going too far. You can smell the smoke, it is the perfect balanced jerky. Heard this is their first venture into the smoked / dried beef market and from what I can tell they are doing amazingly well.

I picked up a fist full and am so happy I did. I love jerky and the Hollenbeck jerky is right up there with my favorite jerky selections for darn sure. I encourage you to pick some up from them next time they swing into town. Heck I would even consider dealing their jerky.

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