making the beef broth


We use a bunch of beef broth for our meals. For gravy I usually mix swansons broth and campbells condensed broth. While preparing this broth last night I looked at the ingredients in the condensed broth and was pretty bummed. They use caramel coloring in it, lame. We make out chicken stock often and well figured the beef broth would be pretty good as well.

Not a fan of onions, and I think for the first time ever one passed through the door into my abode. I took necessary precautions.


Picked up some soup bones from Hollenbeck Farms and browned them up a bit. Some onion, celery, garlic, carrots, and peppercorns got pressure cooked for 50 minutes and the resulting broth looks awesome. Should make a delicious gravy for our roast tonight.

The soup bones were pretty big so I only got one in on the first batch then strained everything out and pressure cooked a few more bones in the broth to kick it up even more. Smelled awesome.





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