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headed out to the Sun farmers market to pick up some steaks from Hollenbeck farms. Picked up a KC strip for T and a ribeye for me. They ruled. Was $25 for both and they were huge. neither of us made it through 1/2 of our steaks. We usually just slpit a T bone or […]

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The roast we got at the south farmers market was huge. It was from Hollenbeck Farms and they said it was the best one for crock potin. It did not have too much marbling or fat on it. We have been playing it safe and getting heavily marbled and fatty roasts since we have had […]

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Have heard about this one and decided to check it out. It is in the parking lot of the strip mall that has capitol patio and Mulligans (56th and hwy 2). Couple nice things about this one. There are trees which provide shade, pretty good selection, you can park pretty close, and good stuff. The […]

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